Wednesday, September 10, 2014


A few days ago I went to Planckendael with my boyfriend. When I was little I used to go alot with my family. My last visit was 6 years ago so I think it was time to go back once again. Anyhow, Planckendael is always fun for everyone! We firt visited an indoor tropical garden.

 I decided to wear a very comfy outfit for the day.
Top-Urban Outfitters
Cardigan-Random store in Leuven
Bag-Lonchamp (I got mine at a flea market, for €5! This color isn't availble anymore I believe)

 In the Asia area (the park is divided into 5 parts and they each represent a different continent) we could visit, beside the Asian animals, a remake of an Indian village. Every continent has it's own little village, which makes you feel a little bit like you are visiting the actual continent.

 Then we went on to Oceania. Koala's are my favorite animals after cats so I had to visit them! Planckendael has 4 koala's but only the one on the picture was awake, he was very busy eating as you can see. 

You can find these monkeys in Africa, I tought they were so cute!

Look how nice the giraffes were posing.

We also visited the farm in Europe, were you pet goats.

I had a lovely day with this one, thanks for reading xoxo

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